How to write a communication plan

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How to write a communication plan

The communication plan is the operational and structured translation of the communication actions related to a project. It constitutes the reference framework for all project communications. Here are some tips on how to write a communication plan.

1)     When you write a communication plan: make an inventory

Evaluate your existing situation. Draw up a profile of your company. What are your company’s current strengths and weaknesses? Are you in the process of launching an activity or creating a new product? In a more mature structure? Is your company still unknown to your target audience? Do you want to expand your business? To whom is your product or service aimed at? Who are your competitors? These general questions allow you to make an initial internal and external diagnosis of your company.

2)     When you write a communication plan: define your goals

To write a communication plan, set objectives to be reached. These are often grouped under three main headings: to make people aware, to raise awareness and to inform them about a service or a product. The objective may be to introduce a new product to your customers, to raise their awareness of one of your causes, or to inform them about one of your services.

3)     Ask yourself how

Now that you know what message you want to communicate, to what target and with what objectives, it is time to define the “how”. In what way will you deliver an impactful message? How will you influence the attitude and behavior of your target? How will you achieve your objectives?

4)     State your media

A campaign on social networks, old media or other innovative strategies are means that will allow you to reach your objectives quickly. The choice of these means must obviously depend on different factors such as the objectives you want to achieve. The most important thing is to find the techniques that will be the best adapted to complete your campaign.

5)     When you write a communication plan: take out your wallet

For each of your communication objectives, determine which members of your team will be responsible for achieving them and what budget you can allocate.

When you write a communication plan, you have a specific project in mind, detailed in various points that allow you to complete it. A team with expertise in this field will be in the best position to provide you with the necessary tools to carry out your communication plan and will be able to guide you in its success.