How to build a content calendar

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How to build a content calendar

 A content calendar is a system used by content and marketing specialists to organize, manage and schedule content production. A content calendar provides an overview of everything that will appear over a given period of time. It is different from an idea book, which lists content ideas and opportunities for your content strategy. A content calendar typically only includes items already planned or in progress. Here are some pointers on how to build a content calendar.

Build a content calendar: Frequency is your friend

An obvious benefit of the editorial calendar is to ensure a good publishing frequency. Anyone who has ever created content knows how difficult it can be to maintain a publishing pace when you have to deal with unforeseen circumstances or other issues. With a content calendar, you get rid of the unnecessary thinking time, and focus on the creation itself.

Make teamwork easier

 The editorial calendar is an excellent tool for teamwork. It compiles all the necessary information in a single document. You can use a simple Excel sheet or a Trello board to do this. You can determine the publication date, the type of content, the main keyword, the title of your publication, the status (submitted, accepted, written, published), and even post-publication stats.

Build a content calendar: Be prepared

A good content marketing strategy is to schedule certain content weeks or months in advance so you can maintain a publishing pace over time. A content calendar is a perfect management tool for this type of thing. It also helps ensure that you don’t over-schedule content. There are only 52 weeks in a year. So we can prepare for collection launches, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and any other important date in advance.

Organize your teams

There can be a lot of players and elements to revolve around content creation, the content calendar will help you make sure everyone has the same information. You may need to work with an illustrator for an article, tell your community manager to highlight a new product, and manage deliveries from freelancers and guest-post writers: the content calendar will help you map out all the steps and assign them to each stakeholder with clear guidelines and dates.

 When you build a content calendar, remember: The editorial plan allows you to organize your content and plan your year in order to be more efficient and not to be caught short by unexpected events.