How to optimize traffic

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How to optimize traffic

The best traffic your company can receive on its website is organic traffic. This is because visitors who come to your website through search engines are actively looking for your services and come to you naturally. Getting organic traffic does take more time and effort compared to paid campaigns. However, there are several tricks to speed up the process. Here are some pointers on how to optimize traffic.

Success is twofold

SEO has two aspects. The first is the technical part, which consists of playing with the search engine ranking algorithms. The second is a more natural branding strategy for online businesses. For businesses, SEO success depends on the quality of the website experience, its impressive content, fast pages and a secure website. This win comes through following the essential ingredients of SEO best practices for WordPress.

Use the right keywords in the right places

You probably already know that you need to add keywords to the pages you want to rank. But where you place them is just as important as how often you place them. The days when stuffing your web content with keywords allowed you to gain positions in Google are over. Make sure to insert your key queries in the title tag of your page, your URL, your intro, at least one h2 tag, and a few times in the body of your article.

How to optimize traffic: Content is king

Content, content, content! Internet users are always looking for the most relevant and up-to-date content. Creating high quality content is essential to increase organic traffic to your website. The structure and flow of your content is also important. Your content should be clear and easy to read.

How to optimize traffic: Think globally

Capitalize on your best content on your social networks. If you have for example a blog post that has been particularly successful with social shares, links or comments, this is perfect. The technique is then to reuse or build on this content to reach a wider audience on your various social networks.

Mobile-friendly sites are essential

Mobile has become so important that Google will take into account the content of mobile pages to establish its index. To allow a good user experience on mobile, it is necessary to find a good balance between rich content and the speed of page loading. 

Remember, to optimize traffic of your website, there is no other choice than to go through natural referencing (SEO).