What is an anchor text

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What is an anchor text

Anchor text is the term we use in the field of SEO and search engine optimization to designate a hyperlink. Each link comprises two main elements. There is the address of a web page to which the link points (the destination) and the anchor text. It works like a link and helps search engines understand what the landing page is about.

What is an anchor text: Be cautious

Be careful not to have toxic links on your sites, as Google pays special attention to this. Links to low-quality pages that give false information, promote hatred or engage in spamming practices, may result in a penalty from Google.

Use keywords

By using keyword-rich anchor text, we can help improve the ranking in Google search results. The best practice is to keep the anchor text natural in all articles. So, it should stand out when creating a website. A good example would be one where busy people are more likely to see them right away. Place your link text near headlines, subheadings, images, and the end of paragraphs to increase the chances that users will click on it.

Avoid cheap CTA

Many web content creators tend to use generic anchors because they encourage clicks in calls to action. However, “click here”, “learn more”… do not give any indication to the user or to Google about the content of the landing page. If you want to use such generic anchors, introduce them with a few words of explanation or incentive.

Track your results

When creating backlinks, it’s essential to track the anchor text you’ve used. Otherwise, you are blindly taking a step forward without knowing exactly where you are going. You need to be organized and make sure you don’t over optimize your page with keyword rich anchors. You can track your anchors on an Excel spreadsheet and avoid overusing the ones you’ve already used. Using monitoring tools such as SEMrush, Monitor Backlinks and Ahrefs could be helpful.

The selection of anchor text for link building campaigns must be strategic so that the new links created are as natural as possible. Quality organic links that include it will result in good SEO for your website.