What is benchmarking

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What is benchmarking

There are different types of benchmarks, including the famous competitive analysis integrated into the market study. It consists in analyzing all the characteristics of your competitors and the actions implemented, like proposed offer, selling price, response to customers’ expectations, presence on social networks, or communication strategy. Here are some pointers on what benchmarking is and how to implement it in your SEO strategy.

Identify your competitors

If you want to compare yourself with companies in your sector, you must first identify them. This is the very first task and it is decisive for the rest of the study. Then, you need to evaluate and even rank the identified competitors. There are those that count at the top of the list, whose marketing and management practices you should scrutinize, and those that are interesting but more peripheral.

What is benchmarking? Find ideas

It is not impossible to find some ideas by benchmarking the competition. By analyzing what your competitors are doing, you can also get a lot of ideas for your own website. These ideas can be blog posts, features to add on your website, way of writing, etc.

Carry out a competitive map

The competitive mapping graphically represents the positions of the different market players on each criterion studied. It is an interesting way to retain the results of the study and simplifies the reading.

What is benchmarking? Get help

There are several reference sites that will allow you to analyze the numbers for your study of competitor rankings:

  • Yooda Insight: this site allows you to analyze the SEO traffic, the number of positioned pages, the number of competitors, the Insight ranking and many other SEO factors.
  • Majestic SEO: allows you to analyze the SEO of the sites of your choice: the backlinks of your competitors. If you have a nice, well-trusted domain name, be sure to check that the rankings are also improving. We use it a lot for competition analysis and quality link building.
  • SEO Quake: extension for your browser to analyze SEO criteria

Analyze the keywords used by Internet users

Keywords are an essential element in SEO. They are the words most typed in the Google search bar by users.

Remember: a good SEO benchmark requires the use and mastery of different tools. By understanding how your competitors are performing on the content, technical and netlinking aspects, you will know what efforts to make in order to surpass them in the search results.