What is buyer persona

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What is buyer persona

A business enterprise must sell its products or services to make a profit and grow. However, no sale can be made without a buyer. That’s why it must build its digital marketing strategy around its target buyer. This is an imaginary person who has been assigned several characteristics to represent a target group or segment. The persona is used to develop a strategy for the launch of a new product or service. Here are some pointers on what a buyer persona is and how you can master this tool.

Get a lot of info

To create a buyer persona, the first thing to do is to obtain relevant information. You can do it from research tools such as market research, exploratory analysis, surveys or in-depth interviews. Although the result is a fictitious profile, it must be very precise. For example, you will need to give it a specific name and assess characteristics. These are gender, age, income, location, hobbies, education, company, professional position, goals (professional and personal), etc.

What is buyer persona? Go digital

The information collected in the field may not be enough to start defining buyer personas. It will also be necessary to rely on digital data to collect data on the habits of online consumers, such as keyword research, discussion groups and online forums, and studying your competition.

Get qualitative data

Conduct interviews with real customers and prospects. This can take the form of a short questionnaire sent to your customer file. To motivate their answers, you can imagine a reward—for all respondents or in the form of a draw among those who answered. For a more qualitative interview, you can ask your customer relations team to put you in touch with some of their customers.

What is buyer persona? Analyze your data

In order to define your buyer personas, you will have to analyze all the data collected during the previous step. You will have to pool the information and highlight the main trends. Your future customers must feel the interest you have in them, but you must also show them that you understand and master their problems perfectly.

During your inquiry regarding what a buyer persona is, remember: This figure will allow you to know the problems that your customers are facing, their buying habits, their constraints, etc. Your objective is to propose a tailor-made solution to each problem identified according to the type of buyer persona.