What is domain authority

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What is domain authority

Domain authority is a score out of 100 that was developed by a specialized site called Moz. The higher the score of a website, the more value/credibility it has in the eyes of Google. Websites such as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia have a score of 100, and this obviously demonstrates the authority of these sites on the web. Getting such a high score requires meeting several criteria. Here are some pointers on how to improve your score.

What is domain authority? Some basics

Offering original, quality, error-free and well-presented content on a regular basis will increase your chances of getting links from other websites that will consider your articles relevant. And your DA will benefit in a lasting way.

Build a strategy

A website can have a rather low DA, and still have some pages well placed in the search engine results. If you take the time to work on the content of a page and it gets good quality external links, its authority can be very strong. To get a better positioning in Google results, you have to think of a web strategy that allows you to improve the domain authority and not only the page authority.

Don’t forget to link

Since links are an important part of the DA score, you need to do everything you can to get inbound links, and that starts with the quality of your content. Internal linking allows you to show users and robots that your website makes sense. Internal linking also makes it easier for web users to navigate because they know that they can find additional information by staying on the same website.

What is domain authority? Be social

Moz takes social signals into account when determining your domain authority score. This means that you need to make your content popular to get likes, shares, retweets and comments. Make sure that your social media pages are set up correctly. You need to project a professional image and your profiles should be consistent with your brand. Don’t forget to be very active. Publish content, animate your community by creating contests, quizzes, etc., like and share content from other pages, respond to comments.

When mastering what domain authority is, remember: domain authority evolves over time. If at the moment your domain authority is rather low, keep up your efforts and after some weeks check if it has improved.