What is an SMO strategy

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What is an SMO strategy

SMO, an acronym for Social Media Optimization, refers to all the techniques aimed at developing the visibility, notoriety and image of a brand or a website on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.  It was first thought of as an element that could play an important role in the referencing of one’s website. Today, the explosion of advertising spending on social networks and the large number of brands and influencers made them depend entirely on social networks for their business. In this context, SMO is an independent digital marketing discipline, rather heterogeneous and sometimes difficult to delimit. Here are some pointers on what an SMO strategy is and whether to use it in your SEO strategy.

Increase your web presence

Being present on one or more social networks actually increases your online existence when a user searches for more information about you. In the same way, many users search for a brand/company directly in the social networks in question. It is therefore important to be present and active in order not to be overtaken by homonyms.


As for any SEO strategy, the use of keywords on social networks can enhance a content and increase its visibility. Their definition is done within the framework of a more global web communication strategy and is reflected in SMO.

SMO and Social Media Marketing

SMO has now become an essential element in the marketing strategy of many companies. The mistake some companies make on social media is not to think about how the brand’s activity on social media fits into its overall digital strategy, with what kind of content, what tone, and who to address. That’s why marketing knowledge is essential for a successful SMO.

Knowing What and When To Post

The quality of content posted on social media greatly influences the performance of SMO campaigns. It is true that poor quality or irrelevant content will generate very little engagement. Few people will be tempted to go to your website. The frequency of publication is equally important. Again, it’s not about spamming your audience with dozens of posts a day, but rather publishing your content at times when they are most connected.

Remember: By optimizing your SMO, you can create a group of people who share the same interests and values. Thanks to this interaction, you can learn more about the people who follow you and therefore offer them the best service.