Month: December 2022

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What is Google bombing

Google bombing is a technique that consists in obtaining one of the first places on Google in the natural results for a web page or an individual “victim”. The action can occur on the classic search engine or on the image function of Google. The technique uses the complicity of a large number of partner…
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What is Google BERT

BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” and is a neural network-based technique for pre-training in natural language processing or “NLP.” It is about machine learning and artificial intelligence. This new update is essentially aimed at better interpreting the “intent of search queries.” It is basically a better interpretation of the natural language used…
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What is FID

The First Input Delay or FID is an indicator we use to evaluate the delay between two moments. The moment when the user interacts with an element of the site and the moment when the browser is able to respond to this interaction. In other words, it is the moment when the web page “loads”…
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What is faceted navigation

Faceted navigation is a navigation mode available to the Internet user. It is generally applied on e-commerce sites or on marketplaces, and which allows users to navigate on different facets of a product. Imagine that you sell green or white shirts and pants in sizes S and XL. Some users will specifically want shirts, some…
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