Month: April 2022

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How to write good long-tail keywords

The expression “Long Tail” was launched in 2004 by Chris Anderson, following his observation of online sales. He observed that products that are in low demand, or have low sales volume, can collectively represent a market share equal to or greater than that of the bestsellers. Long-tail keywords are very specific search phrases that have…
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How to write fantasy

Fantasy does not have the same limitations as other genres because of its lack of restrictions. Most of us are fans of the genre because it gives us a break from real life. The lack of limitations can be liberating for a fantasy writer, but this freedom also makes fantasy one of the most difficult…
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How to write fan-fiction

As the name suggests, fan-fiction is fiction written by a fan of a pop culture universe. They take up the adventures of the characters of these universes to make them live new stories. Its goal is to prolong the pleasure of the fans, by taking back the story where it ended in the movie, the…
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