Month: March 2022

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How to write for children

When you start baking, it’s important to know what kind of cake or pie you’re going to make, so you can pick the right pan. Well, it’s the same when you want to write for children. You’re going to think about the writing style, but more importantly, you’re going to think hard about what you…
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How to write for teenagers

Writing for young adults is much like it is for adults: any young adult novel must have a good story. However, it would be a mistake for an author to imagine that a young adult novel is written exactly like any other novel. Here are some tips on how to write for teenagers. 1) Mind…
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How to write Sci-Fi

What readers of science fiction want above all is to be surprised. They want to exercise their imagination by imagining encounters with other worlds and other realities, whether they are landscapes on a distant planet or the dangers of the near future. Here are some tips on how to write sci-fi. 1) Find an idea…
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