How to write Sci-Fi

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How to write Sci-Fi

What readers of science fiction want above all is to be surprised. They want to exercise their imagination by imagining encounters with other worlds and other realities, whether they are landscapes on a distant planet or the dangers of the near future. Here are some tips on how to write sci-fi.

1) Find an idea

When writing science fiction, the most important thing is the ideas. The ideas have an even greater impact than the plot or the characters, since the plot will serve to propel the readers through the central idea, while the characters will be there to make it even more dramatic.

2) Do your research

The way things work in your sci-fi worlds will be based on real science. So it is important that you familiarize yourself with the scientific principles and inventions related to your creation. If you are writing a story that uses a scientific discovery, but pushes it further, you must first fully understand that discovery in its current state.

3) Ask questions

Now that you know exactly what theme you are interested in, it is time to create the associated universe. What world are we in? What innovations? What laws? Define all the elements that govern this different world according to the theme you have chosen. Then, shake up this universe by asking the famous question “what if…?

4) Mind the characters

When you write sci-fi, you will have to be very attached to the development of your characters. It is essential that your reader get attached to them and identify with them. This will be a crucial asset for the reader to want to discover the world that you will propose. The more atypical your world is, the more your characters will have to hold up.

5) Be a player

The science fiction reader approaches the story using a player’s intelligence. This is something you as the author need to build on. Control the flow of information you give them and only bring in one element at a time. If your story is a game with your reader, they will only be truly satisfied if he or she loses.

When you write sci-fi, remember:  Science fiction uses science and details in such a way that the reader fully embraces the theories used. It’s up to you to magnify them.