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How to write a recipe

Most people have a rough idea of how to write a cooking recipe: Ingredient list, instructions, done. But if you’ve ever looked at it from the other side, as in: if you occasionally cook from a recipe, you’ll also know that there are more and less helpful instructions. Here are some tips on how to…
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How to write a song

The text that underlies your song is a determining factor. Indeed, you can compose the melody of your dreams, but if it is not accompanied by sensible and striking lyrics, it will not be of great interest. That’s why some great singers, without any real talent for writing, ask songwriters to give a soul to…
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How to write fan-fiction

As the name suggests, fan-fiction is fiction written by a fan of a pop culture universe. They take up the adventures of the characters of these universes to make them live new stories. Its goal is to prolong the pleasure of the fans, by taking back the story where it ended in the movie, the…
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