How to write fan-fiction

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How to write fan-fiction

As the name suggests, fan-fiction is fiction written by a fan of a pop culture universe. They take up the adventures of the characters of these universes to make them live new stories. Its goal is to prolong the pleasure of the fans, by taking back the story where it ended in the movie, the novel, the series… or by telling what happened before. We can even tell a story that happens during the events, giving them another point of view. Here are some tips on how to write fan-fiction.

1) Pick a world

The choice of universe on which you choose to base your own work will have the greatest impact on your story and how it unfolds. Certain universes also favor certain approaches in fanfic. It is important to note, however, that your choices as a fan-fiction writer are unlimited. You can do whatever you want with the source material, even if it means turning it into something completely different.

2) Be respectful

When you write fan-fiction you must respect your readers by writing in the correct syntax and spelling, that goes without saying. If fan fiction is an amateur work, it must respect the codes that make a good story. However, a small specificity is to keep a maximum of coherence with the universe you’re talking about: if your readers are die-hard fans, they might make you pay for the slightest mistake!

3) Be bold

Decide how faithful you want to be to the original. Because fan-fiction is incredibly diverse, it’s a good idea to know where you stand in relation to the rest. Some fan-fiction will run wild with the source material to the point where it bears no resemblance to the original. Others will try to create an extension that is true to the form of the primary text.

4) Don’t be lazy

When writing fan-fiction, the environment and characters are pre-existing but don’t necessarily work so easily as in original text. The backstories, the relationships between characters and places need to have corporeality, to exist. Pay attention especially to the characters.

When you write fan-fiction anything is possible! You are completely free… within the framework of the universe you have chosen. This allows to fill the frustration of not having more and to deepen the universe of which one is a fan.