How to write fantasy

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How to write fantasy

Fantasy does not have the same limitations as other genres because of its lack of restrictions. Most of us are fans of the genre because it gives us a break from real life. The lack of limitations can be liberating for a fantasy writer, but this freedom also makes fantasy one of the most difficult genres to write. It’s so easy to think outside the box, but you still have to write something that people can relate to in some way. Here are some tips on how to write fantasy.

1) Read a lot

You will need to do some research. Myths and legends are imaginary constructs that have often emerged to address social issues that we could not talk about or explain phenomena that we could not understand. Thousands of them are known, either through written accounts or through oral traditions of folklore.

2) Think of your world

The world you create will be the basis for your writing project. In fact, it is the desire to invent their own world that usually drives authors to write fantasy. It’s best to work on creating it before you start writing the story itself. Think about its various components, from geography to climate to types of people.

3) Be consistent

One of the difficulties, when writing fantasy, is to remain coherent in the universe that you deploy. Just because your world is unrealistic doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to make sense! Harmonize all the elements of your fantasy world, from the magic system to the bestiary and the names of the characters.

4) To the trenches!

In order to write a good fantasy novel, your characters usually have to go on a quest or fight. The latter usually takes the form of a war, whether on the battlefield, within oneself, or against higher forces like Mother Nature. To do this, you need to practice describing battle scenes.

5) Dare to suck

The first draft of your chapters and your book will always be bad. Don’t despair and don’t get discouraged by your first drafts. All great writers say that a first draft is only the draft of the draft.

When you write fantasy, the most important tip is to write every day, so that you feel what it’s like to live in the world you’ve created. Don’t forget that. And best of luck.