How to write a recipe

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How to write a recipe

Most people have a rough idea of how to write a cooking recipe: Ingredient list, instructions, done. But if you’ve ever looked at it from the other side, as in: if you occasionally cook from a recipe, you’ll also know that there are more and less helpful instructions. Here are some tips on how to write a recipe. If accompanied by adults, it works for children, too!

1)     When you write a recipe: choose a format

Do you want to simply fill in blank sheets and file them in a binder, fill in a purchased recipe book with templates, or design your recipe book digitally?

2)     Be precise

Make sure you know from the beginning what information you want to note in addition to the recipe. This includes, for example, duration of preparation, number of servings, difficulty level and your rating for the recipe.

3)     When you write a recipe: keep it simple

Write clear, easy-to-read descriptions of the process. Break it down into simple steps and describe each technique using common cooking or baking terms. Long, complicated steps should be broken into sections to make the method easier to follow. Don’t use too many adjectives or give too much information—just the minimum to get the recipe right.

4)     Step by step

Divide the list into parts if necessary. If a recipe has two or more separate elements, such as the pie crust and pie filling, divide the ingredient list into two or more sections. Label each section appropriately. Write: “For the filling”, “For the crust” and so on.

5)     A little visual aid goes a long way

To make your recipe easier to read, you can add photographs or images. You can also add tasting tips for the gourmets.

6)     Wrap it up

Specify how to finish the dish. The last part of the method should describe how to finish the dish, if that means, for example, letting it cool for 10 minutes before slicing it or garnishing it with chopped cilantro. Specify what the final dish should look like and taste it, so your readers will know what to expect.

Writing a recipe is the equivalent of an art, so that every cook who follows it will get a similarly delicious, satisfying result. A small mistake like listing an incorrect ingredient or measurement could lead to a ruined result, so when writing a recipe, choose each word carefully and put your instructions to the test before sharing.