Optimize SEO content

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Optimize SEO content

 Since Google made its Penguin and Panda update, user experience has become the main objective of any good SEO. Today, optimizing a site’s SEO is about creating content that is relevant to the user, while being compelling to search engine spiders. To obtain a good referencing, you will have to follow some elementary SEO techniques. The referencing of your article on this first result page must be your main objective to increase your natural traffic. Here are some pointers on how to optimize SEO content.

Minimum criteria

SEO optimized text content must be original, interesting and of high quality; adapted to the web and to Google’s requirements; concise and quickly understandable; and interactive. Also, your site’s content should be organized in a logical manner. This is not only good for SEO, it also helps your site visitors find other related content easily. (The longer they stay on your site, the better).

Optimize SEO content: Build a strategy

You must clearly define a content marketing strategy and answer several questions. What frequency of publication, what subject, are the results on Google relevant to the search intent, what are your objectives, how will you measure them? An SEO content strategy is not something you can do in 10 minutes. Creating a blog post is good, but giving it a logical sequence is even better. To do this, you need to draw up a precise editorial calendar.

Optimize SEO content: Rely on your keywords

It is easier to start writing an article without first doing keyword research. Keyword research allows you to understand the expectations and needs of your potential visitors. By analyzing the different keywords and their volume of traffic, you will be able to choose a subject for your article that will correspond to the searches of the Internet users.  

Linking makes you stronger

Linking your content to other pages on your site is an absolute must. Not only does this add relevance to the pages but it also keeps the attention of the users by moving them through your website. These can then drive traffic to your priority pages. Make sure your linking strategy focuses on your sales cycle. You can then move users through the sales funnel.

When optimizing SEO content, remember: content (content and form) and SEO go hand in hand. Writing great content that is not visible is useless.