Ideal length of paragraphs in your SEO content

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Ideal length of paragraphs in your SEO content

Whether for product descriptions or blog posts – the principle of SEO optimized texts is simple. The more the texts of a homepage are oriented towards Google‘s search criteria, the more likely they are to be “rewarded”. In other words: The authority of a homepage related to a certain topic increases. More and more visitors reach a company’s website. With the right tactics, companies can thus generate valuable leads and new orders. One of these tactics is attention to details, one of them being the ideal length of your paragraphs. Here are some pointers on paragraph length in SEO content.

One paragraph = one thought

Divide the content into logical, easy-to-understand paragraphs to keep the reader engaged. Paragraphs help break up your text into small, easy-to-understand chunks, which puts your readers at ease. Every time you finish a paragraph, you give your readers a chance to relax and think about what they just read. This really helps them make sense of the whole text.

Ideal paragraph length: Be alluring in every paragraph

The SEO text should provide added value for the reader. Does the article provide a unique solution to a particular problem? Write content that has not been done before. And ask yourself: Is my post better than anything else that already exists online? If not, why should Google rank me well? Formulate lively, make people curious about your products, surprise the reader and give them a good feeling while reading.

If as many readers as possible spend a long time with the content of your homepage, this will also be reflected positively in the ranking of the search results.

An ideal paragraph

A good paragraph provides information on only one well-defined aspect of the topic you are discussing in your article. Your paragraphs should begin with a basic sentence that summarizes its content. The goal of this first sentence is to give the reader an idea of the message of the entire paragraph. These sentences help the reader decide if the paragraph will be worth reading.

Ideal paragraph length: The magic number

How long should your paragraph be? It should be at least two sentences long. If it exceeds 200 words, it is almost certainly too long. At that point, it becomes difficult for most readers to understand and you’re probably better off breaking it up into different sub-paragraphs. Long paragraphs are also more difficult for highly skilled readers.