What is AWS

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What is AWS

Nowadays, the company most associated with the public cloud for the general public is undoubtedly Amazon, via its dedicated branch Amazon Web Services (AWS). Of course, other players, and not the least, are present in the segment. But today, Amazon remains the world’s largest public cloud provider, despite a slight downturn in recent months. A public cloud is IT services accessed over the Web from servers located around the world in highly automated data centers. Here are some pointers on what AWS is and how to consider it in your SEO strategy.


Data storage is one of the main interests of the Cloud. AWS offers a wide variety of services in this category. Amazon Simple Storage (S3) enables object storage for data collection, backup and analysis. IT professionals can store data and files as S3 objects, up to 5GB in size. These objects are stored and organized in buckets. On S3, savings can be made by sorting data by third parties according to how often it needs to be accessed. However, AWS also offers the Glacier service for long-term cold storage.


AWS Lambda is a cloud service that inspects actions within the application and responds by deploying user-defined functions. Lambda automatically manages compute resources in multiple availability zones and scales them when new actions are triggered. You will be able to code your AWS Lambda functions natively in Java, Python and Node.js and the service can also run processes in languages supported by Amazon Linux which provides access to Shell Scripts.


In addition to the traditional storage and uses of a remote data center, companies are using AWS extensively for Big Data analysis or Machine Learning to unlock value from the data they have. Many organizations have migrated their entire IT operations to AWS and are enjoying increased agility, efficiency or reliability. Uploading your data to the AWS cloud is free. However, you will have to pay to retrieve it again. These charges are not very high, but should be noted. This is one of the weak points of AWS.

When learning what AWS is, remember: it is great for web and IT start-ups, who do not always have the budget to afford an IT infrastructure when they launch their services, and above all, who do not always know how to accurately predict their scalability.