What is UX

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What is UX

User experience has long been integrated into SEO. It is even a significant part of SEO. For example, the speed of page loading is an element increasingly taken into account by search engines for the ranking of results in the SERP. The internal network and the hierarchy of a site are also essential for the speed of indexing as well as for the ease of navigation of the visitor. Here are some pointers on what UX and how you can consider it in your SEO strategy.

A responsive design

Knowing that most Internet users now use their smartphone to browse the Internet, the use of a responsive design has become the norm. The multi-support display will promote the best possible user experience by adapting the size and positioning of your content to the support.

Adopt a clear site structure

Whatever your proposal, any Internet user who doesn’t know you must be able to find his way around. You must therefore structure your site to take your reader where you want them to go. This is especially important when respecting a readable logic as well as the different steps of the sales funnel. 

Simplify your navigation menu 

In order not to lose the intention of the Internet user with too much information, simplify the navigation menu. It is better to create a drop-down menu with a secondary menu that you insert in the footer of your site. 

Mind your snippets

Rich snippets allow you to show Google different highlighted contents by indicating very clearly their characteristics so that it can retrieve them regularly and display them in its results without any action from you.

Provide interactive content and elements

Users are always looking for more innovative and enjoyable experiences on the web. The modern user is particularly attracted to interactive content. It involves the user in a relationship with the company. Integrating a quiz, contest or interactive infographics will increase the time spent on the user’s site.

Create quality and optimized content

Once all these elements are in place for your website’s user experience and SEO, the hardest part remains: creating and optimizing quality content. Take care of your spelling and syntax, and above all, use a semantic field adapted to the targeted query.

When mastering what UX is, remember: Focus on your visitor, and the comfort of their interactions.