What is vertical search

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What is vertical search

Vertical engines specialize in a single sector of activity and respond to queries related to this more specific field. It is also called “specialized” or “topical”. These search results are dedicated to a certain type of media or a certain kind of content. Vertical search results will be fewer and more focused than the classic universal search results, known as horizontal. Here are some pointers on what vertical search is and how to consider it in your SEO strategy.

It’s getting harder

The better a website’s content is presented, the more likely it is to be listed in this kind of search. As a result, elements such as high-quality content and up-to-date or current data are among the most important factors for long-term vertical search success. The trend and market power of providers such as Google suggest that the search engine is becoming more and more accurate and that traditional vertical searches are increasingly integrated into the organic search results.

How to lure them

You need to identify the vertical engine(s) on which you want to maximize your SEO efforts. Each of them have their own characteristics and present information in a specific way. For example, images and videos are mainly presented on Pinterest. You also need to establish the search habits, intentions and behaviors of users on the engine. Do not assume that the intentions of these users are the same as when they search on the more general engines. Then you can focus on implementing your website optimization strategy, as you would have done for Google or Bing.

It is useful

This search effectively allows Internet users to access specific results and find what they are looking for more quickly. Internet users have found these vertical search engines useful and the number of users is constantly increasing. This can be an additional source of traffic for your business. Each vertical search platform has its own SEO criteria and many companies do not yet have a marketing strategy truly dedicated to vertical engines.

Remember: a vertical search allows users to restrict the search to certain categories such as images, videos, shopping and flights. From an online marketing perspective, vertical search engines allow advertisers to more closely target their audiences.