What is zero click search

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What is zero click search

A zero-click search is a search that is completed without the user clicking on an organic or paid result. Users find the answer to their search query within the Google environment itself, thus reducing the need to surf to external websites of other companies. Here are some pointers on what zero click search is and how to consider it in your SEO strategy.

It helps your SEO

As user queries are resolved quickly on SERPs, it’s imperative for businesses like yours to aim for the three zero-click search results we discussed above. This will help improve your brand awareness, online visibility and organic growth. When you rank high on the first page of Google, you build your domain authority and people are more likely to trust your business. And when they trust you, they may feel compelled to check out your products and services.

Be aware

Focus on what people are looking for. The “Other people have also asked” section is a goldmine of inspiration, as it provides popular keywords and information on potential educational needs.

Work on branded searches

The click-through rate for branded queries in position 1 is 69%, compared to 19% for non-branded queries. To minimize the impact of the zero click trend, you need to develop a branding strategy. Make sure that people search specifically for your own products or services. This means choosing unique services, communicating widely about your brand and ensuring an optimal presence on social networks.

Build on Rich Snippets

By relying on rich snippets, you can significantly increase your chances of appearing among the top search results on Google. The organized nature of this type of content makes it very popular with Google’s crawlers, which consider it relevant when it comes to answering a query made by Internet users.

Take care of the titles

The titles are part of the hot zones of a web page. But unlike subtitles (H2, H3 …), the main title (H1) appears on the search engine results page. An explicit title, giving direct information can therefore increase the chances of appearing in the zero click searches.

When mastering what zero click search is, remember: It is important to diversify the sources that generate leads and traffic to your site, especially since there is no quick fix with SEO.