How to write a bestseller

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How to write a bestseller

There are different ways to enjoy a literary career: some write for posterity, while others produce bestsellers. The first option often results in a failure of the second. Its fate is almost all up to you. Here are some tips on how to write a bestseller.

1)     When you write a bestseller: do a little research

The first thing you need to do is to conduct extensive background research on the characteristics of the world in which the characters in your novel will live. You need to become a real expert on it.  You can devote one month out of the three you have planned to write your novel. Although it may seem like you are not making any progress, you are actually saving a lot of time.

2)     Mind the characters

Any self-respecting bestseller has to tell a story with well-defined and rather likable main characters. Of course, a lot of bad things must happen to them, but fortunately, thanks to their unusual qualities, all’s well that ends well. And if you’re clever enough, you can even leave a cliffhanger that will prepare your readers for the sequel.

3)     When you write a bestseller: think of a popular subject

The human relationship, the intimacy shared by two people, is the number one subject found throughout the pages of the bestsellers (from a romantic dinner to a fishing trip with Dad). Other essential themes: daily life (even taxes are a big hit), home, children and school, and technology (a little threatening, if possible). And if you’re bored with your job, know that others are passionate about it: the corporate world is highly recommended.

4)     Rhythm is key

In the classic trinity: exposition/conflict/resolution of the conflict, the best-selling author must know how to arouse emotions, but above all how to alternate them.

5)     Surprise your readers

By refuting widely held opinions, by raising questions that are not immediately answered, you force your readers to turn the pages in order to discover your reasoning, or the answer to the questions raised.

Even if you know your subject, a time of research, practice, experimentation and documentation is inevitable. But the goal is not impossible to achieve. You can–and will–write a bestseller and also, be a success story for this article.