How to find tips for blog ideas

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How to find tips for blog ideas

When you regularly publish blog articles regarding the issues of your readers/buyers, there is always the risk of creating articles that look like many others, staying on the surface of the problem, and, of course, eventually running out of ideas. Here are some pointers on how to find tips for blog ideas.

Your calendar always helps

Content calendars or campaign plans that take into account holidays and vacation periods, as well as special events that occur during the year, can help with content planning. These can include, for example, a lunar eclipse or special sporting events such as a World Cup or the Olympics. The content calendars are a super orientation option and even immediately transferable to all channels such as your own website and social media channels.

Find tips for blog ideas: get inspiration elsewhere

Simple but effective – research related blogs and browse their content. This is not about blindly copying or adopting content, but simply getting yourself out of your own “haze”, perceiving other perspectives and collecting blog ideas.

Time to use some tools

There are many free or paid tools on the web, allowing you to find new content ideas relevant to your business. These tools rely on a lot of data in order to propose ideas for articles that are likely to attract visits to your website.

  • Although Google Trends is one of the best online research tools, it is highly underrated. You can search within specific business categories. In addition, you can also select geographic locations or regions to analyze.
  • In Quora, you search for questions related to your niche and you can easily find dozens of great keyword ideas to write content about. Since people are already asking for information about these topics, you can be sure that great content will be useful for many.

Find tips for blog ideas: navigate your social networks

Another source can be forums & groups in social networks, where various beginners and professionals gather and give each other advice on existing problems or discuss features. This can also be a good source for content ideas if you follow it closely, because after all there is a problem and a solution is being sought.

From clearly defining your target audience to broadening your options, there are always tips for blog ideas out there. Writing blog articles is always a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, useful, and the basis of your SEO strategy.