How to write a zombie story

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How to write a zombie story

Since the movie “Night of the Living Dead” was released, zombies have been put on people’s minds. Writing a story about zombies requires a good amount of background knowledge. The fan base for many zombie-related projects tends to be well-versed in zombie lore. This can work for or against you. Here are some tips on how to write a zombie story. Remember: even teenagers and children can enjoy a good scare.

1)    When you write a zombie story: know your history

Knowing the history of the zombie concept is essential. They first entered popular culture in 1945 in an article by Dr. Louis Mars. But George A. Romero is responsible for producing most of the zombie culture in the United States through his many films.

2)     Set your frame of work

Determine the parameters of your fictional world. Write about the powers and weaknesses of the zombies, the weapons that will be effective against them, and the powers that the heroes will possess in the book. Be creative, but use established zombie “truths,” such as the idea that zombies can only be killed by decapitation or fire, and the desire for zombies to kill life.

3)     When you write a zombie story: explain your apocalypse

Is an apocalypse necessary? Not really, but it we encourage it strongly. If it is not a mass extermination of humanity, you will have to explain how zombies exist among the living. Zombie fans like to talk about the zombie apocalypse, and they will like to see how your characters survive it.

4)     Rely on the ordinary

When you write a zombie story, you could also try choosing a normal everyday situation, such as a walk in the park, preparing a piece of fruit before eating it, or visiting a friend’s house, and add a terrifying or bizarre element, where a zombie makes its first appearance.

5)     When you write a zombie story: stand out among the crowd

What makes your book different from the other zombie books out there? After doing some research on the current market, you should be able to understand what makes your work different.

Remember: when you write a zombie story, while you want to create a satisfying ending for your reader, you don’t want to create an ending that is too closed and too safe for the reader to finish the book without having some sense of uncertainty. Who knows? Maybe a sequel is not such a crazy idea.