How to write romance novels

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How to write romance novels

A forbidden romance, a burning desire, insurmountable obstacles, a broken heart, a hint of eroticism and, after many twists and turns, the longed-for true love! The story may be romantic, but it must also be captivating and original. There are many similarities between romance novels, so in order for your romance novel to stand out from other works in the same genre, it needs your personal touch and uniqueness. Here are our tips on how to write romance novels.

1) Attention on dialogues

The heavy use of dialogue in a romance novel is not insignificant. The dialogue takes the reader into account as to how your characters feel about each other. Simplicity and authenticity are the key words for dialogue that will help your story to be believable.

2) Write romance novels: give depth to your characters

When it comes to knowing how to write romance novels, your characters, especially the main protagonist, must be interesting, intriguing and engaging. However, they must be believable and accessible. The reader must be able to identify with them or want to put himself in their place.

3) Write romance novels: plan your story

Setting is crucial to world building. The setting determines the logistics of your story. What do your characters do for a living? How will they meet? Social expectations and character behaviors are also dictated by the setting. Once you master this, you’ll be almost an expert on how to write romance novels.

4) Make them suffer!

A love story can only be interesting if there are obstacles between the protagonists. These obstacles can be related to their behavior or personal history, but they can also be related to the environment in which they evolve. Complex, tragic or unresolvable situations will arouse emotion in the reader, provided they are controlled and believable.

5) Write romance novels: describe everything

A good romance novel stimulates the imagination, appeals to the feelings and arouses the senses of the reader. But how do you do that? With the help of a rich vocabulary, precise and expressive adjectives that skillfully convey emotions. Eternal, authentic, immeasurable happiness… Look for the right adjectives for what you want to express!

Unrequited love or impossible love remain universal themes that, unfortunately, also reflect the harsh reality of life… It’s up to you to find your own tone to write the love story that feels most real to you. Just follow this advice on how to write romance novels.