How to write a biography

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How to write a biography

When we talk about biography, we usually think of those biographies of famous people that weigh down the shelves of libraries. Such biographies are always a respectable number of pages long. There are also biographies that range from the small, well-written note to the small family or business book. However, a successful biography, whatever its nature, is one that moves its readers. And for that, it is better to know the reasons. Here are some tips for when you want to know how to write a biography.

1) When you write a biography: schedule ahead

If you are writing a biography of a loved one, you will have to spend a few hours with them in order to develop an interesting and coherent life story. Before interviewing them, a crucial step is to prepare these interviews well and to structure the book as soon as possible in order to always have in mind a plan that makes sense.

2) A timeline is important

A biography is usually chronological: the earliest events are outlined at the beginning before returning to the present. In the case of an author’s biography, the chronological order is all the more important as it places the author’s book in a clear context.

3) A corporate story

If, on the other hand, you are looking to write a biography for a corporation, the process is quite similar. Bios like this are written to celebrate a company’s anniversary. It recounts its beginnings, portrays its founders, and traces the main stages of its development up to the present day. The aim is clearly to give a good image of the company and to make it a key factor in consolidating the feeling of belonging of its personnel. But also, to strengthen its links with its partners and customers. This factor can be decisive in a competitive market chaotic with new entrants.

4) When you write a biography: write about ambition

At the origin of every story, there are dreams and ambitions. It is a state common to all individuals. And that can be shared. It is what makes us love this character rather than another because their dreams or ambitions are close to what we ourselves have dreamed or aspired to.

Finally, make sure you have sources to back up anything you write about the subject’s life. With these initial tips, you’ll have a head start when it comes to knowing how to write a biography.