How to pick a good domain

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How to pick a good domain

The criteria that impact the natural referencing of a website are numerous and for many of them, unknown. There are many factors identified to improve the ranking of a website in the search results. The domain name of your website is your business card. Here are some pointers on how to pick a good domain.

The domain reflects yourself

Your domain name represents the sign of a business. When you walk around town, a bright, colorful and original sign will catch your eye. It will make you want to know more. Your domain name plays this role for Internet users. It is also what they see first and the image they will keep of you. You must therefore take care of your image to make them want to come back regularly.

How to pick a good domain? Google changed the rules

Domain names like “” are called EMD or Exact Match Domain. They are built on keywords, and have been legion for many years on the web. After an update in 2012, Google started to give more importance to the value of the content offered by the website. Indeed, it is now better to have a domain name made of keywords and not a brand name. It will be much easier to integrate in a natural and optimized way in a body text. But this advantage is only one SEO criterion among many others.

How to pick a good domain? Mind your extension

A crucial point for website administrators is the choice of the domain name extension. The choice of the Top Level Domain has a direct influence on the click-through rate of a site, which indirectly contributes to improving your website’s SEO. For example, if your site has a high information value, it is wise to choose a domain name extension ending in .info to get more clicks.

Reserve your new domain name

Platforms like WHOIS, Gandi or OVH will give you the available domain names. From there, look for the one you want and take advantage of the suggestions that the site will give you to find a variant if your first choice is not available.

When determining how to pick a good domain, remember: your address must be easy to remember and to type into a search engine. If your target does not easily remember your web address, because it is too long, too complex or unpronounceable, there is little chance that they will come back to you.