What is cornerstone content

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What is cornerstone content

Cornerstone content is the heart of your website. It consists of the best and most important articles on your site; the pages or publications that you want to rank in search engines. These articles combine information from different blog posts, covering everything important about a certain topic. Their purpose is to provide the best and most comprehensive information on a particular topic, rather than to sell products. Here are some pointers on what is cornerstone content and how you can profit from it.

What is cornerstone content? Some advice

Try this:

  • Make sure you work on and choose your keywords well, especially the best keywords on which you need to position yourself
  • Enrich your work semantically by favoring the long tail
  • Create a good internal linkage that points to reference articles
  • Use all the necessary means to obtain quality backlinks. Meaning: reliable sources
  • Select your best articles and turn them into flagship articles by rewriting them carefully
  • Avoid too technical terms and too complex concepts.

Benchmarking is a must

If your direct or indirect competitors don’t have strong strategic pages, it improves your chances of gaining visitors. Basing yourself on what is and isn’t being done in your industry is a must-have strategy to stay on top of what’s attracting traffic on the web. Doing research in your niche before starting the process of creating cornerstone content is essential. Observing the competition can also help you find good links to include in your content.

What is cornerstone content? Make them visible

Your cornerstone content should have a prominent place on your website. Ideally, someone should be able to click directly from your home page to them. In addition, all of your other posts on similar topics should link to their corresponding cornerstone content, so that its importance is clear from the structure of your site. As your site grows, remember to eventually link back to your cornerstone article.

Keep constant eye

The great thing about cornerstone content is that it helps you rank for popular keywords. So take the time to identify your targets’ search criteria, and think about the best way to address them through content, and its optimization.

Don’t forget to regularly update it. Just because you’re on cold content doesn’t mean you should let it go to waste. Both the user and Google like what is relevant over time.