What is the ideal length of a text to rank in SEO

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What is the ideal length of a text to rank in SEO

Studies on the ideal number of words for an SEO article are numerous and opinions differ on the importance of the length of an article. However, there are common markers and a general trend towards longer pages and articles. Here are some pointers on how to determine what is the ideal length of a text to rank in SEO.

The ideal length of a text: The minimum

Generally speaking, any text of less than 300 words is not recommended for natural referencing. The longer your text is, the easier it will be to place the keywords in a natural way to make the reading enjoyable. It will also be better referenced. Faced with two texts of equal length, Google will favor a text with rich and well-structured content.

If you want specialized readers

Writing a well-structured and documented article of more than 2000 words requires time and energy. A longer article is more likely to be qualitative and written by an expert. It will, therefore, attract attention and be better shared on social networks. Most authors of long articles are web professionals, who have many contacts on social networks. As a result, this kind of content will benefit from more media coverage. 

The ideal length of a text: variation is important

If you write only to reach a certain number of words, you will feel it very quickly. Quantity or not, Google could very well notice it and place you in the list of “poor” content. You can very well alternate long articles with shorter ones on a current topic requiring less content for example. The key is to write an article that is dense in terms of content.

Google cares about your structure

In terms of the structure of your post, the title is the key element. The reader has to immediately understand the interest of reading your article for the added value it will return. Then comes the introduction which is fundamental to make the user want to continue reading. These are the first lines that announce the content of your article. In less than 10 seconds, the Internet user knows if he will find the information he is looking for.

When trying to determine the ideal length of a text to rank in SEO, remember: there is no norm that defines an exact standard, the workings and algorithms of Google are far too complex and unknown. Better a quality content of 500 words, than a long thing full of redundancies.