What is a keyword?

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What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or a set of words that a user inserts in a search engine. In the field of natural referencing or SEO, the Keyword intervenes for the positioning of the site on this search engine. It therefore improves its visibility.

On the Internet, natural language does not provide the appropriate results. We do not search “what is the best bar in New York City” but “best bar in NYC”. When the keyword reflects the essence of the topic searched for, the results are much better. This is why conjunctions and articles are not considered as keywords. Here are some ideas on what is a keyword and how you can use it in your favor.

Keywords help you be found

The robots of search engines explore thousands of pages. Thanks to the key expressions they insert, the Internet user defines their search field. The more precise these expressions are, the more quality content can be found. Keywords allow you to quickly obtain information on the desired subject.

What makes a good keyword?

Beyond the simple SEO aspect which is far from being unimportant, a “good” keyword is the one which is the perfect compromise between four imperatives: 1) to have a maximum number of monthly requests; 2) be the least competitive possible; 3) to best define the activity of the company or the theme of the site, and 4) to trigger an intention on the part of the Internet user. This intention can for example be commercial (online sales) or informative (request for a quote, contact, newsletter registration, etc.)

What is a keyword? some actions to be taken into account

In order to choose the right keywords for your site to be well referenced, you must take into account certain points:

  • Make a list of priority keywords.
  • If you offer several products of different categories or services, make sure you create a page for each main keyword.
  • Also make a list of secondary keywords for each page. Several tools can help you in this task, such as Keyword tool and keywords planner.
  • Evaluate the search volume for each chosen keyword.
  • Focus on the long tail, which we have previously discussed.

Now that you know what is a keyword, remember a simple filter: reread your articles. If you find the content readable and pleasant, you are probably on the right track.