What is a KPI

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What is a KPI

A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, tells you the effectiveness of an action aimed at achieving a specific objective. There are a multitude of KPIs to analyze the performance of many areas. Here, we talk about the SEO KPI. The goal is to be able to quickly identify in which direction you are heading and what adjustments can help your SEO strategy. Here are some pointers on what a KPI is and what are some of the most reliable KPIs for you to take into account.

Organic impressions

The volume of organic impressions represents the number of times your website appears in Google results. Because beyond allowing you to acquire visitors, SEO will also make you visible on Google search results. It contributes to your visibility and image on the internet. It also makes your brand more popular and attractive.

The evolution of your positions on Google

The objective of a natural referencing strategy is to make your website pages appear in the first positions of the search results. It is therefore essential to regularly follow the evolution of your Google positions on your priority keywords.

Click-through rate (CTR)

This is the indicator that gives you the percentage of people who clicked on your site’s link after seeing it in the search results. It is the result of the ratio between: (the number of people who clicked on the link of your site. Also, the number of people who saw your page in the search results) * 100.

The crawl rate

Each website has a quota of Google crawl, which is performed by Google bot. This is how Google indexes new pages or improves certain positions. Indeed, thanks to the Search Console, a site can have access to much information. This info allows it to optimize its natural referencing.

Remember: A whole set of KPIs must be followed carefully to allow for a correct evaluation of the performance of the site. These are the number of page views, the average time a user spends on the site, the interaction rate of users, etc. Indeed, this set of performance indicators is a real asset to know the satisfaction of the customer and thus adapt its digital strategy for its web.