What is big data

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What is big data

Big Data can be understood as a vast ocean of available info. This data can be used to predict actions and optimize decision making. At the same time, it allows the creation of specific and original content. Highly sought after in digital marketing, it maximizes the effectiveness of search engine optimization.

Using Big Data for your keywords

Linking it and keywords allows you to go beyond the classic keyword research corresponding to your sector of activity. Indeed, using it in your keyword research allows you to exploit Google‘s data to obtain an exhaustive list of key expressions corresponding to your activity. Thus, you will be able to position yourself on long tail queries on which your competitors are probably not present.

Predictive Analysis Tools

A predictive analytics tool is a unique tool on the market, which means it can give you a huge advantage over the competition. This tool uses Google’s deep learning platform, as well as Metadosi has been collecting for years. This helps you determine how a new or updated piece of content performs in Google, saving you valuable time and marketing costs.

Other SEO tools

SEO was originally based on empirical reasoning, but in recent years it has become more and more scientific. For an SEO, data comes from various sources such as crawl, logs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, social networks, page load time, etc. Raw data is not usable as it is by an SEO who has to do a lot of work to select and clean the useful info. It is also important to have enough info to work with. A technical branch of SEO uses this information from websites to predict the behavior of Internet users. The two main programming languages used to exploit this massive data in SEO are R and Python.

Machine learning

Perhaps the most exciting development, Big Data offers the ability to teach machines instead of just programming them. This means that SEO marketers can get a head start, as the tools can provide teams with insights into the vast volumes of info they receive.

Remember: after mastering what big data is, you will be able to interact with the data to solve problems, plan actions or speculate about the future.