What is black hat

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What is black hat

Black hat is an unethical SEO practice some developers use to get a site to rank higher in search results. Most black hat actions are against search engine guidelines and often end in a penalty. This is why search engines ban websites that practice black hat. Here are some pointers on what black hat is and how to avoid this practice.

Don’t disguise

Cloaking was one of the first black hat SEO actions. It involves creating a “disguised” page within the website page. This to confuse the algorithms. They exist with popular content to entice users to enter. This, such as text on startup key, and on this page automatically redirect to another website.

Beware of spam

Spam links sometimes appear in comment fields and forum posts. In an attempt to manipulate search engines with links, black hat SEO practitioners have been known to insert links to web pages in the comment fields of blog posts and on forums, believing that these links will send positive signals to search engines.

Don’t abuse keywords

The most famous SEO technique is keyword stuffing. It consists of repeating one or more keywords in a text without much context. Indeed, writers who fill their texts with irrelevant keywords hope to get a higher ranking.The goal of keyword stuffers is to appear in organic search results for as many keywords as possible. However, if they are not relevant, the experience of the site visitor will be more than poor.

Mind your content

Many people create sites as tools to make money. They put lots of ads on their site and attract as many people as possible. Inded, the more traffic they get, the more money they can make from ad revenue. Google realized that people were doing this, and they changed the algorithm to focus on quality content. Now, if your site doesn’t have good content, it will raise a penalty.

Keyword masking

Similar to keyword stuffing, keyword masking consists of changing the font color of a text to make it invisible to human eyes. Invisible keywords are supposed to fool a search engine by giving the web page and the site it belongs to a good ranking in search engines.

Remember: Black Hat SEO can result in Google banning a website because its ranking does not serve the visitor properly, and the strategy goes against guidelines.