What is bounce rate

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What is bounce rate

Bounce rate is a metric that measures the percentage of people who land on your site and leave without any further action or click out of the total visitors. A user bounces when there has been no interaction with the landing page and the visit ends with a single page visit. The bounce rate can be calculated at the level of a page, a group of pages (sub-category, category, sub-domain…) or an entire site.

Exit Rate

Another term that often comes up is exit rate. While bounce rate is the number of single engagement sessions on a web page, exit rate is the number of people who leave a specific page, even if it wasn’t their original destination.

Mind the new visitors

The best way to analyze a bounce rate is to put it into perspective according to the type, purpose and content of the pages visited, as well as the visitors. If you have a blog, it is a good idea to create a segment that contains only new visitors. If the bounce rate among new visitors is high, think about how you can improve their engagement with your site. Because you want new visitors to interact with it.

Judge your performance

  • 0%: if your Google Analytics reports indicate such a bounce rate, there is a problem with your integration. In this case, download the Google Tag Assistant immediately and correct the problem.
  • Below 25%: There is a good chance that there is a problem with your Google Analytics integration here too.
  • Between 26% and 40%: Your site is performing very well, try to maintain this rate.
  • Between 41% and 55%: Your site is average, there is nothing alarming. However, you can try to integrate the suggestions below to further improve your bounce rate.
  • Above 55%: Your site needs to be optimized.

It’s all related

High bounce rates are often symptomatic of weaknesses in other SEO factors, like poor design, slow loading speeds, inconsistency between the content and the keywords used and a lack of mobile optimization.

Remember: bounce rate is a metric you can use to analyze your marketing efforts. You can use it to measure whether you are meeting your visitors’ expectations.