What is cache

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What is cache

The term Google Cache refers to both the cached version of a web page by Google’s crawlers and the index of the search engine, i.e. all the cached sites. When a Google robot explores a website, it creates a copy of each page, also called a snapshot. This analyzes and stores on Google’s servers. All the pages that can appear in a SERP appear in indices. Here are some pointers on what cache is and how to consider it in your SEO strategy.

Two kinds of cache

The private cache corresponds to a single user. It contains the documents we download via http. This facilitates future handling because you can access the documents you previously visited by clicking on “back”. Off-line browsing will also be possible since the temporary saving of the visited content has been done. The shared cache stores the answers of previous requests to be used by several users in a next session.

It helps speed things up

For webmasters and site owners, the cache system involves in SXO (search experience optimization) because it allows optimizing the display speed of pages. In concrete terms, caching makes it possible to temporarily store site data. This, in order to avoid them being systematically reloaded on each visit. Thus, the content appears very quickly. The user will not be obliged to return to the SERP for reasons of slowness, since he can access the open page in a few seconds.

How to see it

Several means are made available by Google to access the cache version of your website. Google Cache Checker is a simple and efficient tool provided by Google to check the cached version of a web page. You enter the URL of a web page in a search field and launch the search. Via the SERP: when you perform a search on Google, a small triangle appears to the right of the URL of each result. You just have to click on it to see a link called simply “in cache”. Clicking on it will take you directly to the Google cached version of the web page.

When learning what cache is, remember: it is a quick way to check how your site has been indexed, and it can help you notice and diagnose problems.