What is co-citation

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What is co-citation

Co-citation occurs when a website is mentioned, but not necessarily linked, by two different sources. The term was first used in an SEO context by Moz founder Rand Fishkin. Google was based on the concept of linking one website to another. This with sites that have lots of backlinks rising high on the SERPs. Here are some pointers on what co-citation is and how you can use it in your SEO strategy.

Your presence in the web matters

Co-citation with optimized links, poorly optimized links. This, whether inbound or outbound, and even without links, can have an impact on your SEO. Getting a quote from another website in your theme, which even refers to a competitor, can help you develop your reputation. Because Google will read the page, see the presence of your brand name or a link to your page. And then, associate it with the other elements cited.

Be part of the conversation

Google analyzes the semantics of a page in a more detailed way than before. This is one of the future ways of doing SEO: co-citation, how people talk about us. Getting people to talk about you through terms that match you is as good a way to rank today as it is through hyperlinks filled with more or less optimized anchors. The large-scale co-citation is a link in disguise, which makes your linking all the more natural.

Influence your content

In order for Google bots to crawl a piece of content and be able to detect co-citations, they look for close proximity of similar keywords present on multiple websites, which may include keywords that are similar to each other and based on the same topic, but not exactly the same. Make sure to understand these concepts so that when writing, you can incorporate authoritative mentions and associated key phrases.

Content remains king

Creating good content in order to get backlinks is not really new, but we all know that the adage “content is king” is not really effective by itself. Higher rankings with a no-link co-citation/occurrence approach means that newer or lesser-known sites with great content can have a chance to rank well even if they don’t have a full-time SEO/link builder working for them.

When learning what is co-citation, remember: it is important to ensure that all the websites and brands you are affiliated with are relevant to each other and to what you have to offer.