What is code to text ratio

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What is code to text ratio

The concept of text-to-code ratio refers to the amount of text that is visible to an Internet user compared to the amount of HTML code of a web page. This ratio is expressed as a percentage: it is estimated that it must reach at least 20%. Here are some pointers on what code text ratio is and how to consider it in your SEO strategy.

Manage your code

The more text you have in relation to the code, the higher the percentage will be. For the visitor, the less code there is on the page, the easier it will be to load. A simple layout requires less loading. It also has an effect on the search engine. If there is too much code, the site will be considered as a low value site. In the opposite case, the search engines will consider the page suitable. That is, the site follows the standards of quality and quantity of text.

Take care of your content

Web writing must be at the heart of your natural referencing strategy. To increase the text-to-code ratio of a website, there is no secret. You have to write content for the most important pages of your site. Of course, it is not a question of writing poor and meaningless texts. Rich and long texts are preferred by Internet users and search engines.

Know your ratio

You can use sites that analyze your web pages and can even give you optimization tips. These sites are usually free but will ask you to register. Two sites that you can use to analyze your site and know your ratio are www.woorank.com and www.site-analyzer.com. These sites will analyze your website and inform you of the points to improve on your site. Some points can be directly applied by the client.

Make your analysis

If the ratio is less than 10%, then the page is probably poor in textual content and will need to be reworked. When the result is between 10 and 15%, you have a correct page, but not more, so that it is perhaps possible to improve a little. If the result is above 15 or 20%, then you have a very good ratio.

When learning what code to text ratio is, remember: a good ratio does not necessarily mean an interesting page for the Internet user. However, it should help you to determine the pages to enrich in priority.