What is content gap analysis

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What is content gap analysis

Content gap analysis is a strategic method to check and optimize the content of a website where the actual performance of the content is compared to the expected performance. With the results of the gap analysis, you will be able to realize the potential of your website’s content, and its untapped potential. The measures that will be applied can concern both the optimization of existing content and the creation of new content. Here are some pointers on what content gap analysis is and how to consider it in your SEO strategy.

How to conduct a gap analysis

The first step in conducting a gap analysis is to establish specific target goals by reviewing the company’s mission statement, strategic goals and improvement objectives. The next step is to analyze current business processes by gathering relevant data on performance levels and how resources are currently allocated to those processes.

Measure your current performance

Compare the performance of your current content to the indicators defined in the previous step. Conduct an audit of your content to identify the most relevant indicators. Talk to the people who have published this content to find out how they identify topics and write.

Strengthening existing content

A content gap analysis will highlight the strengths of your content while revealing opportunities for growth. This includes optimizing existing content to stay in line with both your competitors and current search results trends.

Create new content

Look for keywords for which you don’t have pages and create pages dedicated to them if it makes sense. Locate long tail keywords. These are queries composed of at least 3 words. These keywords are more specific and therefore have a stronger search intention. They are sometimes easier to search for. Once you have identified these long tail keywords, you will see that you can include them in your existing content.

Determine the expected performance of your future content

Use tools to measure the performance of your competitors’ keywords and content. SEMrush gives elements on the SEO performance of your competitors by giving their positioning in the queries of Internet users from the analysis of keywords.

When learning what content gap analysis is, remember: The principle is based on the comparison between the current situation and the projected situation, then to identify the levers and tasks to be carried out in order to eliminate this gap.