What is content spinning

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What is content spinning

Content spinning is an automated text generation technique. Its purpose is to create hundreds or even thousands of versions from the same content. All these articles deal with a similar subject, but with a different form. The more the similarity rate between the contents decreases, the more they escape the duplicate content detection tools of search engines like Google. Here are some pointers on what content spinning is and whether to use it in your SEO strategy.

How it works

To set up content spinning, you must first write an original text. From this starting text, we must then build a “master-spin”, a spun text. The “master spin” is a coded text with several synonyms from which we will generate a large number of more or less different variants. To do this, we have to split the text into several expressions. Propose synonyms and paraphrases for each group of words.

It can be a black hat technique

This practice is rather considered as a black hat practice, i.e. unethical in the world of SEO, and moreover little appreciated by search engines. Content spinning is similar to a technique of industrial production of texts for site managers and a soulless filling technique for writers and readers. However, this is no longer the case when the technique teams up with the intervention of the writer who judges and improves the texts. This is relevant for hundreds or thousands of texts produced. As is often the case in e-commerce and for pages dedicated to geolocation. The gain is significant since the writer spends up to ten times less time by becoming a proofreader and quality is assured.

It is very useful

Content spinning can be useful to save a lot of time when writing product sheets, blog posts, sales pages or even press releases.  It allows you to vary the already formatted content in order to create a unique text. It is generally used on e-commerce sites, which sometimes have thousands of pages. If this practice is well executed, it will save you a considerable amount of time in writing your texts. You will only have to reread the texts and improve them if necessary.

When learning what content spinning is, remember: as soon as we talk about automation, we think BlackHat SEO. But in essence, we remain on the simple facilitation of editorial production. Black Hat SEO is more about the subsequent use of these texts.