What is deep linking

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What is deep linking

Deep linking is a technique that has gained considerable importance in recent years due to its effectiveness in mobile marketing. Indeed, this technology has allowed marketers to greatly improve engagement with mobile app users. Deep links provide app owners with a clear and simple way to identify, address, and direct users to specific content. Here are some pointers on what deep linking is and how you can use it in your SEO strategy.

Improve your navigation

The Deep Link allows you to smooth the exchanges between your site and other platforms. It allows you to avoid detours and go directly to what interests the visitor. So, it saves time and limits searches which makes navigation optimal. In digital marketing, it is a major asset to improve the SEO of your website.

Your sells can rise

In e-commerce, using deep links is a way to guide visitors to a specific page of a merchant site. On the homepage, visitors will just get a general overview and they will do a more in-depth search before finding a specific information or product that fits their needs; pointing them to a targeted item, a specific product, is much more relevant to them.

The problem with apps

Deep links are not compatible with native mobile applications. In this case, the user has to open his application themselves, and find the product inside. This kind of task can quickly become complicated. The solution is to use application-specific deep links. This means that if we want to share a product, this link leads directly to the product page in the application, and not to the website page.

A little help from Google

Google is now indexing mobile applications in the same way it indexes websites. To do this, it has launched the App Indexing that promotes the indexing of mobile app content while respecting the same structure of links as in the website after having associated the website with its mobile application. Because applications rely on different structures and environments, Google has produced a guide for mobile developers that specifies how to format and send information to Google mobile for proper and efficient indexing. Read it here.

Remember: since deep links lead users to specific sections within your mobile application, they are like a shortcut for your users who won’t have to open their application themselves.