What is dofollow and nofollow

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What is dofollow and nofollow

Crawlers take DoFollow links into account when they analyze your website. The DoFollow means that Google must make the link between your site and the URL indicated. Thus, the pagerank of the site that places a backlink to your site will be taken into account in the calculation of your own positioning. Unlike the DoFollow link, NoFollow links tell the crawlers NOT to follow the link. Thus, Google’s robots do not take into account NoFollow links. They are considered as outgoing or null links by the algorithms. Here are some pointers on dofollow and nofollow links and how to use them properly.

Don’t forget your strategy

Netlinking remains one of the pillars of SEO strategies. It is an SEO strategy whose principle is to multiply the quality links pointing to its website in order to improve the natural referencing. It is imperative to know how to use it correctly in order to obtain satisfactory results. Links are at the heart of this strategy and especially the do follow and the no follow which will allow you to complete your SEO strategy by controlling your e-reputation as well as the referencing of your website.

Mind your dofollow links

A dofollow link therefore transmits PageRank (or “link juice”) to the linked page. Of course, the word or phrase used to place the link (the text anchor) must also be chosen carefully, because Google‘s AI can detect over-optimization. Conversely, Nofollow links play almost no role in SEO.

Uses of nofollow

For SEO purposes, you could use nofollow links to control the transmission of your popularity to a third-party site, if you do not want to voluntarily transmit your popularity to the site that quotes you; or to limit spam in user generated content. If you allow comments on your site, some people may publish a link to their website in order to benefit from link juice. Using the Nofollow attribute will prevent this practice. 

To create a No Follow link, simply embed in your link code, a no-follow attribute:

<a href=“www.mysite.com/my-webpage.php” rel=“nofollow”>Link of my text (anchor text)</a>

Remember: nofollow links are essential in the SEO strategies for a website. They will allow you to gain in quality and increase visits to your site.