What is domain trust

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What is domain trust

To determine domain trust, algorithms used by search engines take into account more than 200 criteria for referencing. The majority of these are directly related to the content, architecture and internal and external links of the site. In order to improve its referencing and develop its activities on the web, you should implement a global strategy to improve visibility and traffic acquisition. Here are some pointers on what domain trust is and how you can achieve it.

Mind the extensions

Some extensions do not have a good reputation. They host many fraudulent sites and their trust indicator is not green. Price is a good indicator. Most free or very cheap extensions often host a lot of fraudulent sites. However, the volume of registrations is consequent on these extensions if we believe the report on the domain name sector.

Be an expert

Google wants to make sure that the pages it brings up at the top of the results offer high quality content from an expert source. Focus on quality. Your marketing content must stand out for its accuracy and the value it delivers. One way to ensure this is to entrust your content to real experts rather than more junior members of your team. Even consider removing low-quality content from your website, but make sure it’s not a major traffic source before doing so.

Use links

If you have a blog, you should not hesitate to link to other sites. It is a sign for Google that your site is a useful and detailed source of information for your visitors. Outbound links are the basis of the web when you think about it! However, those who think only from an SEO point of view are very reluctant to link to other sites for fear of losing their hard-earned link juice. Don’t be selfish.

UX is a factor

User experience is also an important element in SEO relevance. The easier it is for the user to access the information, the more relevant the site is to the query. Accessibility also requires a well-designed technical base that allows for fluid and fast navigation.

There are many other criteria to take into account to gain domain trust. It is the sum of all these actions and optimizations that will allow your site to be positioned in the first organic positions of the results pages.