How to combine SEO and UX

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How to combine SEO and UX

Little by little, the boundaries between SEO and UX are getting thinner. This is mainly due to Google‘s interest in continuously providing the best possible user experience to Internet users. The more intuitive the use of its platform is, the more users will continue to search on Google. Here are some pointers on how to combine SEO and UX.

Architecture matters

Your website’s information architecture depends on three circles: content, the user and the context of use. Once you have these three circles, a UX designer’s job is to organize the website flow and content based on planning and research. The end goal is to come up with an ideal, simpler website architecture that balances the goals of the site with the goals and desires of the user.

Keyword research

In your SEO-UX strategy, special efforts must be made in natural referencing. It is necessary to conduct a keyword study to create quality content. The goal is to find the precise expressions on which you will position yourself. If the keywords you have selected are well inserted in your pages, you can do netlinking.

The content of the page

The work of web writing is also increasingly impacted by the notion of user needs. Where it was enough to create content a few years ago, it is now necessary to contextualize it. That is to say, anticipate the needs of the Internet users who will read your article in order to respond to them concretely and in its entirety.

How to combine SEO and UX: Offer solutions

Users are scouring the web for solutions and answers. Often, they don’t even know exactly what they are looking for, which can be a challenge. Yet, there is no doubt that intent is one of the most important elements in delivering a quality user experience. Once you understand the intent, you need to translate it into a successful design decision.

Optimize the mobile version

Today, it is a mistake to limit the combination of UX and SEO to desktop browsing. Your strategy can and should take into account the use of the internet on mobile devices. This is a requirement since Internet users are using a smartphone or a tablet to do their research.

When combining SEO and UX, remember: knowing your audience and putting yourself in their shoes is essential preparatory work in order to target them as well as possible and offer them the best user experience.