How to update your content

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How to update your content

Your company’s website is its digital showcase. In order for you to impress Internet users, you must update it regularly. By paying attention to your site, its design and the content you publish, you will retain your current customers while attracting new prospects. Here are some tips on how to update your content.

1) How to update your content: try a redesign

The redesign of a website consists of a major change visible to visitors. It allows them to improve their experience of use. It can be a graphic redesign or a structural redesign (modification of an internal search engine, navigation, etc.) and finally a content redesign.

2) Be orderly

To check the content, do it in page order: what is on your home page? Are the headings both informative and catchy? Are the answers to the future customer’s questions easy to find? Even if the text was consistent a few years ago, you can change a few things to get the most relevant site possible. Checking the spelling is also a must, to make sure you haven’t missed any typos.

3) How to update your content: rely on your stats

One of the main benefits of having statistics on these contents, is to see what types of search queries result in impressions and clicks. Sometimes you can rank for very good keywords but have a very low click-through rate. Simply changing the content to include a keyword or its variants can improve the positioning of the content and get a higher click-through rate.

4) Don’t be cheap on images

Add an image to your pages and posts. The interest of a CMS like WordPress also lies in its image management. They are very easy to find and integrate. However, be careful not to load images that are too heavy, which would slow down the loading of the site pages.

5) How to update your content: put a CTA

Add or change a call to action to increase conversions: content is likely to drive a curious user to become a customer or a regular reader. That’s why it’s essential to test calls to action and headlines that can lead to increased conversions.

When you update your content, remember: It’s not about creating it just for the Google bot. If you don’t have anything interesting to publish, don’t do it. We know you have tons of things to share.