What are transition words

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What are transition words

A transition word is a word or phrase that serves as a bridge between sections of a text or speech. That is, transitions provide greater cohesion and help the other person understand what you are saying more easily. Here are some pointers on what are transition words and how to use them, before showing you the Yoast official list.

Use them accordingly

Transition words will differ depending on the role they are to play in your essay: To establish a logical relationship, you will have to choose words. These words indicate a cause, a consequence, a goal, a condition, an opposition, a comparison, a restriction. And to articulate, to structure your text, you will rather choose words corresponding to an addition, a list, an explanation, an insistence, a conclusion, a summary, etc.

You must write carefully

The quality of your writing as well as your writing style will be essential for your readers to enjoy reading your articles. In order to make your texts pleasant you must, as in a classic essay, use transition words and phrases (on the one hand, however, to start …). For Yoast SEO, which is the leading SEO plugin for WordPress, 30% of your words should be transition words. This would mean that this is the ideal ratio to make a text pleasant and readable.

What are transition words? The list must be considered in your strategy

Keeping the Yoast list handy is really helpful. Especially the first few times you sit down to write. Eventually, you will learn the words and use them without even thinking about it. You may be tempted to start writing and thinking things up in motion, improvising. While this is great for spontaneity, it can lead you to get lost and to not clearly understand how ideas relate to each other.

This improves the readability and structure of a text. This will help the article to achieve a higher position in search engines. Remember that a well-structured and easy to read text will attract readers and contribute positively to SEO. Transition words ensure a good reading experience. Here is the Yoast complete transition words list in English.