How to write original SEO content

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How to write original SEO content

Your web content strategy is the presentation card of your online visibility and prestige, so it is paramount you write original content. Using SEO techniques in your website pages will allow you to combine the design of informative content for the user. But also, in accordance with the criteria of search engines. Here are some pointers on how to write original SEO content.

Original does not mean difficult

Original content doesn’t mean that you can’t use topics that have been covered on the web. On the contrary: you can address a subject already revisited dozens of times on the web but by bringing your added value, your personal touch that will make your content effective and original: a unique content that is also your brand’s visage.

Before even start writing

One of the first steps to take before writing any content is to identify your user’s search intent. This identification involves researching the keywords that your visitors generally search for on the Internet. By refining your research, you will be able to know the queries used by your visitors to arrive on your own website. These are the most important ones.

When you write original SEO content: mind the keywords

Web writing will allow you to gain visibility, by ranking your content in the best positions on search engines. To achieve this, you will have to take into account the keywords you are targeting, and the semantic field around these keywords.

When you write original SEO content: Count your words

In order for search engines to interpret the content of a page and guess its content, it must contain at least 300 words. Of course, an editorial page about your company’s main activity will be more relevant than your legal information section. There will be exceptions to be made. But the goal is to harmonize your pages so that the indexation by robots and their SEO score impacts the whole website.

Use other tools

Your content is not only pure and hard text. Vary the pleasures and work several types of content to feed your web pages: You can optimize video for SEO through subtitles, description, title or surrounding content. Think also of infographics, images and, of course, social network content.

When writing original SEO content, remember: if you think too much about SEO when writing, it will quickly become apparent and it will not be natural. Rely on tools such as storytelling, and even hiring professional writers.