How to write inverted pyramid content

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How to write inverted pyramid content

Start by saying the essential before developing the more accessory information: this is the principle of the inverted pyramid. This writing technique is a necessity when designing a site or texts for the web. It effectively satisfies the hurried and fickle Internet user. Here are some pointers on how to write inverted pyramid content.

Unlearn your learnings

As children or teenagers, in school, the teacher teaches his students to write an essay following a very precise order of thoughts: introduction – development – conclusion. We start with the details and conclude with the essential message. This principle of writing is not the same as that of web writing, on the contrary! The inverted pyramid advocates exactly the opposite.

Organization is key

If the article in question contains too much important information to fit it all into the first paragraph, try prioritizing the information with the inverted pyramid style. Place the most vital information, which the reader simply cannot miss, in the first paragraph. Then start each subsequent paragraph with the important information in descending order, ending with the least important content. This allows a text to communicate as much essential information as possible before the reader chooses to abandon reading halfway through.

Journalism saves the day

The 5W technique, taught to journalists, is very complementary to the inverted pyramid. It consists in answering, from the heading of the article, the essential questions:

·   Who? Who is concerned?

·   What? What is happening?

·   Where? Where is it happening?

·   When? When is it happening?

·   Why? Why does it happen? What is the motivation or issue?

Use subheaders wisely

The order of paragraphs is important, as are the subheadings that separate them. Subheadings help the article flow and even serve as a navigation tool. Remember, many articles that use the inverted pyramid often target readers who like to read diagonally. Subheadings allow these readers to dive into certain parts of the content with ease.

When writing inverted pyramid content, the first rule for good SEO content also applies: write the text primarily for the reader. This means that it is necessary to avoid accumulating your keywords in a fake way. Otherwise, your content may get a bad ranking. And remember: When writing an article on the Internet, don’t be afraid to break the rules of storytelling you learned as a child. Start with the end!